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OMG PlayStation 4

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, June 12 | 11:33 AM

Penantian telah berakhir, PlayStation 4 yang diumumkan pada Februari lepas kini telah dilancarkan semalam pada pameran E3 2013 di Los Angeles Convention Center (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013). Harganya? USD399, murah USD100 berbanding Microsoft Xbox One (USD499).

  1. CPU x86 AMD Jaguar lapan teras (8 core processor)
  2. Enjin Grafik AMD Radeon 1.84 teraflop (Extremetech.com menyatakan GPU ini setara dengan Radeon 7870)
  3. 8GB GDDR5 memori
  4. Storan 500GB
  5. Pemacu Blu-ray
  6. Tiga USB 3.0
  7. Ethernet, HDMI, Bluetooth 2.1
  8. 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  9. new Dual-shock 4 controller dengan microUSB, Bluetooth 2.1 dan Sixasix gyroscope/acccelorometers
  10. new The PlayStation 4 Eye
DRM & Used Games:

Sony turut menyatakan bahawa PS4 akan tetap menyokong PS3 serta permainan yang telah digunapakai (used game) dan tidak memerlukan sambungan ke internet sentiasa.
Sony US CEO and President Jack Tretton looked like he was trying to stifle laughter when he told audiences that ‘yes’ - the PS4 would be free of limitations on used games, that ‘no’ - there would be no need for online connections, and, a bonus, that ‘yes’ - the console would even be region-free (the Xbox One is not).
What about PS3 games playing on the PS4? Sony has so far discussed PlayStation 3 gameplay on the PS4 under the same umbrella as playing PlayStation 1 and PS 2 games, via a digital library in a yet-to-be-determined PlayStation Cloud Service. Whether this would be accomplished via streaming, digital downloads, or emulation wasn't specified, but it sounds like Sony's answer to the Virtual Console.

Pengenalan PS4

PS4 dual-shock 4 controller
PS4 dual-shock 4 controller

Sony Family: Sony PS4, Sony Xperia phone, Sony PS Vita, Sony Xperia Tablet

Credit: CNET, TechRadar, Sony Computer Entertainment


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